About Me

I’m a UX engineer born in Nagoya, raised in Toyama, and living in Tokyo. When I was in junior high school, I experienced making money through affiliate marketing and was impressed by the possibilities of the Internet. Since then, I have always loved the Internet. When I was in university, I majored in marketing and was a member of a seminar on behavioral economics. I won a prize at the Kanto Student Marketing Contest and developed and managed a web service based on my winning research paper with my friends, took Goodpatch Design School, and participated in a short-term internship at CyberAgent. Eventually, I joined ikyu.com, a famous online reservation site for luxury hotels and restaurants, as a new graduate.

  • Age26
  • CountryJapan
  • CityTokyo
  • e-mailhello@hayatoise.com
  • Phone+81 070-8337-1456

What I Do

Front End Development

I am doing front end development for Ikyu Restaurant with TypeScript, Vue.js and Nuxt.js. I'm also studying React.js and Next.js on my own. Currently developing cals.me, a public calendar sharing application, in Nuxt.js as a personal development project.

Server Side Development

I'm doing server side development for Ikyu Restaurant with Python and Flask. In the past, I developed and managed Ikyu Concierge and KIWAMINO, two owned media with over 1 million PV per month, by myself using WordPress. I would like to try Rust in the future.


I'm not an artist like Picasso. I want to be a designer who creates business value. Of course, a user-first attitude is a prerequisite. However, I will not create designs that are self-satisfying without business value. This is why I use the word DE$IGN instead of DESIGN.

Behavioral Economics

I majored in marketing in university. In the seminar I belonged to, we mainly studied behavioral economics. I was fascinated by behavioral economics and continue to study it even now after graduation. I am applying behavioral economics not only in product development but also in real life.