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I’m a UX engineer born in Nagoya, raised in Toyama, and living in Tokyo. When I was in junior high school, I experienced making money through affiliate marketing and was impressed by the possibilities of the Internet. Since then, I have always loved the Internet. When I was in university, I majored in marketing and was a member of a seminar on behavioral economics. I won a prize at the Kanto Student Marketing Contest and developed and managed a web service based on my winning research paper with my friends, took Goodpatch Design School, and participated in a short-term internship at CyberAgent. Eventually, I joined ikyu.com, a famous online reservation site for luxury hotels and restaurants, as a new graduate.

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What I Do

Front End Development

I am doing front end development for Ikyu Restaurant with TypeScript, Vue.js and Nuxt.js. I'm also studying React.js and Next.js on my own. Currently developing cals.me, a public calendar sharing application, in Nuxt.js as a personal development project.

Server Side Development

I'm doing server side development for Ikyu Restaurant with Python and Flask. In the past, I developed and managed Ikyu Concierge and KIWAMINO, two owned media with over 1 million PV per month, by myself using WordPress. I would like to try Rust in the future.


I'm not an artist like Picasso. I want to be a designer who creates business value. Of course, a user-first attitude is a prerequisite. However, I will not create designs that are self-satisfying without business value. This is why I use the word DE$IGN instead of DESIGN.

Behavioral Economics

I majored in marketing in university. In the seminar I belonged to, we mainly studied behavioral economics. I was fascinated by behavioral economics and continue to study it even now after graduation. I am applying behavioral economics not only in product development but also in real life.


Work History

2014.6 ~ 2017.3
RE:CODE, a programming club

UI/UX Designer

I joined RE:CODE, an intercollegiate programming circle, as a member of the management team. I formed a project team of several people within this circle. And I experienced the development and operation of five web services.

2017.4 ~
IKYU Corporation

WordPress Engineer

I collaborated with designers to develop two different forms of web media, Ikyu Concierge and KIWAMINO. I was the only engineer.

Ikyu Concierge articles use high quality and large size images. As a result, the site speed was very slow for a while. So, I improved the site speed of WordPress and used Fastly and imgIX to make it fast.

KIWAMINO was built with modern WordPress in mind, taking advantage of the failure of Ikyu Concierge. Perhaps because it was a new approach, we were interviewed by a Google employee. Here's the article about it.

2019.4 ~
IKYU Corporation

Server Side Engineer

I worked with a team of 3 engineers and 1 designer to develop Ikyu Spa, a luxury spa booking website. the languages and frameworks we used to develop Ikyu Spa were Python, Flask, JavaScript and Vue.js.

2020.8 ~
IKYU Corporation

Front End Engineer

We are developing Ikyu Restaurant mainly with a team of 20 people. The languages and frameworks used in Ikyu Restaurant development are Python, Flask, TypeScript, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js. Some features are written in VBScript, so I also write VBScript occasionally.

2020.9 ~ 2020.12
Culture Generation Japan Co., Ltd

Full Stack Engineer | Subcontracting

As an outsourced full-stack engineer, I built an EC site that combines the functions of selling products and subscription. I developed CRAFTAL, a monthly subscription service for Japanese tableware, from scratch with WooCommerce.


2013.4 ~ 2017.3
Tokyo University of Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Distribution

In my first year, I studied the basic theory of marketing.

In my second year, I joined a seminar on behavioral economics. The seminar mainly consisted of case methods, debates, and paper writing. We held joint seminars with Chuo University and Kogakuin University to improve the quality of our papers. As a result, we won the Fighting Spirit Award at the Kanto Student Marketing Competition. The title of the winning paper was "Platform Strategies for Attracting UGC Creators". The paper used qualitative comparative analysis and discriminant analysis to pursue the rules of successful platforming. The presentation material of the paper is here.

2016.1 ~ 2016.2
Goodpatch Inc.

Goodpatch Design School

I participated in a design school hosted by Goodpatch, the most famous design company in Japan. In this school, we learned Goodpatch's unique design process. Although I didn't win the competition, I was awarded the Prott prize.

2016.11 ~ 2016.12

PHP/Laravel Course

I attended TECH::CAMP, a major programming school in Japan, for one month. Before joining the school, I prepped the basics of HTML, CSS & PHP on Progate. Thanks to this preparation, I was able to finish the TECH::CAMP curriculum in about 10 days. In the remaining 20 days, I challenged myself to develop an original application. In the end, we developed a Medium-like blog posting service. In order to push myself, I stayed at a hotel near TECH::CAMP, so I studied for about 300 hours in one month. Here's an interview with me from that time.

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Design Skills

UI Design


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  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Notion
  • Docker
  • Fastly
  • imgIX
  • Datadog
  • GitHub
  • NPS
  • Canonical AMP
  • AMP
  • Atomic Design
  • VBScript
  • Firebase
  • SQL Server
  • Confluence
  • MariaDB
  • WooCommerce
  • Slack
  • Docker Compose
  • Linux
  • CentOS
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • SPSS
  • R Commander


Goodpatch Design School 2016 Winter

Goodpatch Design School 2016 Winter



Side Business
Hello Dribbble

Hello Dribbble

Gemstone – The platform for posting a blog trailer

Gemstone – The platform for posting a blog trailer

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